Turbo Cleaning

Both diesel and petrol engines suffer from carbon build-up, and it’s inevitable that there will be some accumulation of sooty deposits in the turbo, the EGR system, the intake, and the combustion chamber.

These carbon deposits can create a loss of fuel efficiency resulting in poor performance as well as a lot of money wasted on filling up at the petrol station.

Signs your turbo may need attention:

  • lack of power at certain RPM
  • dashboard warning light
  • difficulty going over 3,000RPM
  • turbo works better after restarting the engine
  • gaps in acceleration
  • turbo squeaking or whistling
  • jerking engine

Turbo-intake cleaning in Bulwell, Nottingham, from Car & Commercial Repairs is a simple and effective way of removing those carbon deposits, done via the air intake without needing to take your vehicle’s engine apart, and results in far better performance from your turbo. We offer turbo cleaning on cars, vans (up to 7.5t), HGVs, motorhomes, and horseboxes.

Car & Commercial Repairs is an RAC-Approved garage, and is also affiliated with 1-Link and The Motor Ombudsman. All three organisations impose strict codes of practice to protect our customers and underpin our commitment to the highest standards of workmanship and customer service.

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